We all grew up wanting to be the best and thrive in a certain chosen career.

Most of us are not living that path  - now that we have grown up - and Julie Gichuru is no different. She had a change of heart because back then, her career choice would not have helped her sustain her lifestyle.

"This is 1988-ish. In my mid to late teens IF I could have done anything I wanted with my life I would have become a theatre actress, scriptwriter and director. Not film, not tv - just theatre. The classics.But it was not a viable path to a stable livelihood and independence - that was important to me, so I and opted to study law, and went on to get an MBA." Julie said

Adding that now things are different and young people can take the risk.

"It is a different world now. Young people have many challenges but also have more opportunity to explore unchartered territory. So, explore. With courage and boldness explore the unseen and the unappreciated.And perhaps for OGs like me... it's never too late... 😜😄" She encouraged her followers

So many on the comment section were encouraged to pursue what they dream to be in as much as it can be a risk.  It is always worth the try.