Heaven Bahati is one gorgeous baby girl. She always has us commenting love emojis and 'aww' on her posts.

Bahati and Diana wakona mbegu safi that we cannot dispute at all.

In a recent post by Diana Marua, she made claims Heaven has found a boyfriend. I am sure you have been to these family gatherings where parents are busy hooking their very little children up. Already planning for that little boy and maybe his dream is to become a Brayo.

Son to one Mercy was out there doing the most to get the attention of Heaven and her mother and he won. Diana posted a picture of the two children announcing baby girl is taken.

"Look at them 😍 My Baby girl @HeavenBahati is officially TAKEN 😍❤️ @mercyj87 Good job on raising a Gentleman."

But let's be honest, they do look cute together. Especially that peck on the chic and the hug too. They just won our hearts.

Some of y'all have not gotten a peck on the choc since the year started.

My question to you would be. Do you support such statements? Do you think hooking up children is okay ama it's an extreme?