Today on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalang'o were trying to unpack why some boyfriends are usually insecure when their babe is in the midst of other men.

"Your boyfriend does not trust you around men because of what he does when he is with other girls." Kamene read 

Jalang'o refuted saying,

"No it is not about how he is around other girls, it is about how easy it was to get you so he knows you can fall for any man very fast."

Giving an example on her experience, Kamene said,

"Remember when I moved to the new house? After I got the new car? Jalango said let me come bless the house for you. I said why not be my first guest you're my bro. He came with a whiskey, Charity was there we sat, ate and blessed the new house. 

Mandem asked me where I was I told him I am home chilling with Jalas he's come to bless my home. He asked me, 'Jalang'o is in your house?' And I was like Phelo is my boy."

In sigh, Jalang'o said,

"That guy was just insecure. Can you imagine me in Kamene's house and your feeling like these people are going to smash? No. She's not my type"

Adding to the experience, she remembered the day they were forced to work from home.

"Do you remember the time we had the COVID-19 situation in the office and we were working from my house? He comes in the morning we start the show, he cooks and we go on with the show. He then said, 'Jalang'o is even sleeping in your house?'"

Insecurities are actually a very big role in a lot of breakups, especially with this generation.