Yesterday, Baba K also known as Kate The Actress' husband, Phillip Karanja turned a year older.

His wife shared the sweetest message we have seen on social media - for now - appreciating the man he is in his little family's life.

"Happy Birthday baba njeri, if consistency, and discipline was a person. Thank you for being ever so patient and selfless, you are  such a big blessing to us, your litu family and to many other people you have crossed paths with. You are such a leader, yaani effortlessly so. The smartest ,yet the quietest guy in the room. You ooze wisdom every damn time you speak. We love you so much Karanja, may God keep you and favor you all the days of your life. Happy birthday my person, Mr CEO, Baba k Squared, kamtu ka tahidi high, etc. 😂 Wacha sasa nifulize my guy 😭@phil_director."

Just before the 22nd of February was over, Njugush also wrote an emotional message to Phillip Karanja


"Happy birthday Mr C.E.O shukran for always being the most focused, at least you give sense of hope and direction unlike some people smh! Have a good one tonight is your special day. After leo bro ngangana kivywako nanii"  Njugush wrote

We are just going to assume the 'unlike others' is Abel Mutua because who else could it be?

From videos on Phill's and Kate's page, he enjoyed an amazing staycation at a penthouse in The Trademark Hotel and from the comments, Kate was not invited.