Zari Hassan is all boo'd up with her Dark Stallion. Boy doesn't she know how to give these men nick names.

She just introduced him like a few weeks ago and people are already looking forward to the end of their relationship. Like really guys?

Zari Hassan once again made it clear that she really doesn’t care if this new relationship will end in tears, because she's been there done that so...

“Even if it ends in tears are they your tears? Well will have an after tears party. People surely love misery; you simply hate seeing others happy. Well it’s all good to me” wrote Zari Hassan.

Zari said the first the same thing a few days ago. She really does not understand why there is so much hate when it comes to love and celebrities.

She really does not care about what anyone has to say, as long as she is happy and in love, she will flaunt it and enjoy it so, be still haters.