Ladies what is it that you have ever done all in the name of shooting your shot?

Today as Kamene talked about overshooting your shot, she confessed to having a crush on radio host G-money!

Kamene narrated how back in the when she was a news anchor at Ebru TV, she terribly failed at shooting her shot at the celebrity host. 

"There is a time I went back home maybe two three years ago I had just moved back to Kenya. Let me tell you I was a big G-money fan and I always listened to him on my way to work." Kamene narrated.

She added,

I always used to go to his gigs. Nimemaliza news nimeenda mercury and I said today I am going to say hi to G-Money. Nimehapa tequilas, just when he was leaving the club I go just in front of him and tell him that I am a big fan of his, and he said 'Ok thanks.'

Kamene was left with an egg on her face and all she could do is hurriedly leave the club and head home.

Have you ever found yourself in such a similar situation? How did you handle yourself?