Well, remember the last time we talked about Rose Muhando we were all here wondering who will pay sh50,000 to attend her album launch.

Talking to Massawe, she said the reason why the price was a bit too much is that she wants to use the money to build a church

"You know I want to do something for my God, I want to build him a house, I mean a church. And that is why I have been all out trying to achieve that," she told Masawe

The event went down and Willy M Tuva covered it for us because we could not afford 50k. And from the video, most of the people present were on complimentary tickets and they were like 15 people only.



No, I am not exaggerating guys, you will see it all in the video below the story.

One of the people present was Ringtone. One thing that was striking was that if any of them did pay the 50k, they were being asked to changa for Rose Muhando.

After Ringtone got his blessing from his 'mum' and they sang their song, he was asked to make a contribution. And if you know Ringtone it is either he goes big, or he goes home. 

He sent to the MPESA number ksh100,000 which got Rose jumping and in tears. She promised to stand by him through any and everything as his mother.

Watch how it all went down below: