Maureen Waititu is one gorgeous babe from her body to her gorgeous smile and the way she dresses that body, is the climax.

Many of her friends say she has an equally beautiful heart.

The silhouette challenge took over our social media platforms a few weeks ago and it went wild. As women, we were happy with the results and I am sure the men were equally pleased.

The 'silhouette challenge' was a popular trend on TikTok that involved an individual dancing erotically in a video with a red filter, hiding their nudity, as it gives them a shadow.


Though the filter came from Snapchat.

Then people found a way of editing out the filter to reveal the woman's naked body. People were urged to be cautious. You do not want people editing the silhouette and seeing you in your full nudity.

Maureen Waititu is late to the party and tried it out and from the comment section, fans liked it a lot.

"Missed the #silhouettechallenge train but hey, hope I killed it 🙈🙈Happy Monday."

Trust me, you will enjoy it. Thank me later. Watch the video below: