Weh, in these social media streets you can never just win. There is always something someone wants to say.

Bahati is about to drop his new single and so as the new month began, he shared a picture of him and the main video vixen he is featuring. Cute picture, but one lady noticed manz apparently only features light skin babes as his vixens.

“Btw Baha, sisi mablaki kama Pozee hatutawai tokea kwa video zako 😅 tubague tu na vile tunakupenda 🔥🔥🔥.” She shared her sentiments

Responding to the fan, Bahati told dark skin ladies who want to be featured to send him a DM.

“@angilashitua Tell all Black Beauty's Who are interested to Be Vixens in my next Video to DM Asap 😉. NEXT VIDEO!!! THAT'S A PROMISE 🙂”

I am always telling you to shoot your shot, things might just fall into place. 

Hopefully, this was just not for social media and that he will actually do it. One thing we know is that he will have a song coming soon after this new one drops because he has really been working overtime.