It is a big relief foe Kenyans  as the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines arrive in the country, today or Wednesday.

Kamene and Jalas had a brief chat with health CS, Mutahi Kagwe this morning and he assured the two that the vaccine rollout will be seamless.

In a passionate appeal, the two went ahead to urge government officials to at least ensure that this time, the vaccination process lacks faults and scandals.

"Guys you have one job. don't monkey around with Kenyans this time do your job! If you are going to be on the ground lets just show one thing can be done right!" Said Kamene.

Jalas was worried that as we speak maybe there is something somewhere that has already gone south.

"There is going to be a lot of tenders, storage, distribution sijui training, there is going to be lot please can you come out clean with all this?

Can you be the vaccine hero? Please just like you voted for BBI can you at least make it as seamless as the BBI? " Jalang'o said.