On his latest #AskChito segment, Chito Ndhlovu was spitting wisdom that every man and woman out there needs to hear.

Speaking about relationship settings, he started off by reminding guys that;

"There is no such thing as 'a man needs to have more than one woman.' There is no such thing as a 'mimi jamaa manze siwezi kaa na dem mmoja, there has to be like two chics or three chics."

Chito says that Sometimes men are in a space where they don't want to settle down or they just feel like they want to go left right and center.

He advised women who are dating such men that the chances of such a man settling down are 'not today tomorrow or next week.'

The Maloko show host says that it is perfectly fine for one wanting to be with more than one person, just like it is fine for someone to want to be with one person.

What I think is people to have the honesty to say where they are. Do what works for you, what makes you happy but what makes you happy should not cause tears in somebody else. Have the right conversations.

For Chito, he says he is happy, comfortable and excited to be with one person, who is his wife.

He adds that his wife has five names and for that, he believes he is dating five people and to him that is an exciting thing that makes things work for them.

If you wanna have more than one person that is fine, don't let it cost somebody else's life because you want to have more than one person.