Why bring God into your bad behavior? That was the question Kamene and Jalas were left asking themselves this morning.

This is after one, Eunice Cherono on Tuesday told the Public Investments Committee that God led her to a Sh42million tender at the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency..

Cherono confidently said;

"I can tell you without fear that God directed me there. I prayed for it and I can tell you my prayer was answered.

Before walking to Kemsa, the situation in my company was so bad and I had prayed about these Covid-19 supplies. I prayed about it. And I can tell you without fear this is God’s doing. I prayed for it. God does miracles,” Cherono told the MPs.

Her words left the presenters gob smacked and Kamene wondered whether she has been praying to the wrong God.

"Sh40m and the way she got it was that she prayed? Woow who have I been praying to? Ama have I been praying wrong?  Can someone just let me know whats up?" Kamene reacted.