Kamene Goro has a very important message men need to know. Just because she is single does not mean she is alone.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, she gave a story of a situation her boy went through and how he was surprised days after chasing a girl.

"Manz comes to a local to live his soft life and then he spots a peng thing. So with his boys, he decides he will marinate first before he gets the courage to talk to her.


 He then walks to her asks her for her name and adds to what she is drinking then he says he wants to see her again so he asks for her number. Everyone when their separate ways and so it texting and all throwing in vibes and they went on a date for byriani drinks then they went to his house." Kamene said

Adding that the shock came to him a week after such a good weekend.

"At 4 am, a phone rings, the chic says it is guys from work and she did not want to pick up from Saturday to Monday. There was a call at 4 am every day. On Tuesday the guy calls the chic and texts her she is not responding. 

Thursday he tries by calling and she picks up. He says 'babe'. Eeh the receiving end was snot the babe it was a guy saying she belongs to him and whatever happened between them happened and that is just about it.

He told me this story and in my mind, I was like I could see it coming. And he told me that she told him she is single, But that does not mean she is alone. There is a guy who's always around. Single babes do not declare they are single, you will just see it for yourself."

As I always say, in this Nairobi streets, be careful.