Dear Frankie Just Gym It, ukona kazi kubwa sana. But luckily we know manz is able.

Oh let me bring you up to speed. So as we speak Corazon is a mother of one and she hopes to have four more. And since her first one was with Frankie and they seem to be in a very good place, he could just be a father of seven.

Remember he has two sons with Maureen Waititu so three plus four, do the math.

Getting a child was Ms. Kwamboka's biggest miracle because she was diagnosed with endometriosis. The doctors will often tell you that with this condition, the chances of getting a child are very slim while some say it is impossible. And that terrified Corazon but look at her now.

"Today is WOMEN’S DAY and March is endometriosis awareness month. Did you know that 1 out of 10 women suffer from endometriosis and yet most live their lives not even aware? When I got diagnosed with 4th stage endometriosis on both of my ovaries early 2019, I was terrified, the thought of never being a mom kept rigging over and over in my head. One and a half years later, I’m a mom of 1, hoping for 4 more 😆. I’ve come to learn that having endometriosis doesn’t mean you can’t be a mom, with proper treatment and care. You can still live your dream. To all my endowarriors, infertility is not your portion. May you all heal." Corazon wrote

Now that baby Tayari is almost walking, let us wait and see what the plan is . I mean 2021 is still very young.