Some tea is about to be spilled when in comes to Kanye West and probably his family. 

His former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis told Page Six that working with Kanye West was a new experience everyday.

"There are a ton of stories I haven't told. I was one of his favorite guys." He said

In as much as he was Kanye's boy, they had a lot of issues.


"'It starts off with $30 million lawsuit, and works backwards, with all the craziness. 'Why not address the elephant in the room? They threatened to sue me two separate times - once back in the day, and then on a podcast this year. It went viral, and they threatened to sue me again for $10 million, and my attorney countered and it just went away."

For Mr. Stanulis, it is about sharing his side of the story and let this slide once and for all. Because I mean working for Kanye means there is a lot of tea which also means everyone will want your story.

"The film is going to be 1 hour and 20 minutes in a fun, chronological order. I want to get over and done with it because the question on Kanye always finds itself coming up in everything I do"

Let's wait and see if we will finally know what happened for Kim and Kanye to get a divorce in as much as that is not his story to tell, we want some tea.