Like father like son. Okay we are just going to refer to Diamond as the Rayvanny's godfather because he introduced him to the music industry. And manz is thriving.

Diamond started WCB, then his other son, Harmonize learned from him. left and started Konde Gang and now Rayvanny has started his own record label, Next Level Music(NLM).

And true to that word, manz has some next-level talent.


"It was all a dream #NextLevelMusic #NLM." Rayvanny wrote

Now we know what he was constructing in 2020. We thought it was a house but it is clearly something even better. He has not announced any of the people he has signed up yet.

But now the question is will he still stay at WCB? Isn't that what we call a conflict of interest? Rayvanny's bio still reads, signed under WCB Wasafi.