Kamene and Jalas wanashout leo. The question they have is what is social media to you?

I am sure you have sat down and asked yourself the same especially after seeing how far people will go to trend on social media. The two presenters believe a lot is shared on social media.

"I know what all of you are eating three times a day, I know when you are at the gym, I know when you're not okay with bar aai!." Says Kamene

Defending his active life on social media, Jalas said,


"Let us demystify something, some of us do it for business purposes. We make money from showing you a few things. So for us celebrities we are in it for business.  But you, you're sick and you post showing how sick you are. Is there a doctor on your timeline that will treat you?"

This is true, celebrities influence their followers and make money out of it.

"Now this sharing a lot has given people a sense of wokeness in a world that is not real. You are here exposing very intimate details of your life thinking the social media world is the real world.

I went to a restaurant and there was a group of influencers  and none of them were having a conversation. Two were live and when the food came they were not even eating just to make sure social media has seen. I have traveled the whole of Kenya via you people." Kamene said

Adding that social media is not the real world.

"Social media is not the real world. I think it is fomo from people who have been able to create money out of it. It has made people live in that world. That is why men are even here wearing dresses and heels."

Jalango ended the topic with a reality check. Social media can actually make one stressed.


"The thing is you show good things in life and when you do not have it, that is stress. You are eating something good today and when you can not have it, stress comes in."

Have we made social media a small god?