Nviiri The Storyteller was with us in studio to share more with Kamene and Jalas about his new EP.

The first thing Jalas asked is how the EP is doing and he said

"Kitenge is doing good it is serving the purpose. Niko Sawa is the first song in order of performance. It is actually doing good because people are going through a lot and that is why because people can relate." Nviiri said

Something that shocked both Kamene and IJalango is his age


"I am 30 years old and people do not believe that. Nviiri Sunday is my full name."

Kamene asked him why he is such a deep soul at such a young age.

"Growing up I used to listen to the blues from my parents and I am adopting as time moves."

He also opened up about the hardest artistes to work with, mentioning Khaligraph.

"It is not the toughest but logistic-wise it is hard to get Khaligraph and the best part is when he likes the music, he will come to you. If you have some dop stuff, he will come through."

Kamene echoed the same saying,


"Khaligraph I call him for an interview and I was always being played. Jalas called him and he was here. I was like why?

He knows who has held him down and he does not break the bridges with the people he has worked with from the beginning he will go up with you."

Asked about the situation with him and Elodie Zone, Nviiri clarified he was not the one she was addressing on social media.

"It is definitely not me because but I like dealing with my issues at home I do not know who she was talking about. The thing is we break up and makeup so it is what it is." He told Kamene

Nviiri advised his fans to listen to the EP, 'Kitenge' because it has a different mood wherever you are and whatever situation you are in.