There is really so much that goes on behind the cameras that we do not know when it comes to these celebrity couples.

King Kaka and his wife, Nana Owiti always looked calm despite their line of work but there is more to the cute smiles and pictures.

Nana revealed that she broke up with her husband after he sired a baby with singer Sage.

Speaking to Massawe, the mother of two said it was painful that her man betrayed her and sired with another woman.


‘It is almost like an ultimate betrayal but we are all failing. I have my own mistakes and his was that one also. As much as he did that and I remained, it was because of what transpired. We actually broke up for seven months after that story."

Asked if Sage’s baby comes to visit the family, Nana said;

“I can't speak much about the baby but we are co-parenting. You know co-parenting is when two homes decide to work together for the better of the child. Ata kama hamsikilizani mnadecide. We have never argued as conflict harms the baby.”

After the seven-months separation, she says that she learnt that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

"We have come from far. we have gone for shows where he was not paid. I may not forget and sometimes it hits me fresh. It was hard for someone whom you trusted to hurt you."

Despite it all, Nana's views on marriage is that it needs work.


"I wish we can speak a lot about the negative things that happen in marriages. I look at marriage like a garden that we need to keep nurturing."