The situation that befell Eric Omondi seems to have scared a couple of celebrities in Kenya.

They now have to be very intentional and cautious when it comes to the production of content, fearing arrest.

Willy Paul, who went secular and just started singing such nasty songs, has seen that kimeumana. So he asked his fans to forgive him for producing what he terms ‘bad content’ last year.

According to the artiste, he realized he can sell without creating and celebrating nudity.


"For the longest time, I thought that being nasty was the way to go. That being nasty would make my music sell. I’ve come to realize that good music is what people really want!! and this year I promise nothing but the best.. we just getting started. Thank you for making us trend at #1 for 2 days now. Please forgive me for releasing dirty content in 2020. New year new beginning. Back to factory settings!! #fallinlove x @misspicasah."

2021 is clearly a year that will keep surprising us.

At least we know the song Willy Paul will be releasing with Bahati will not be a nasty one.