The strict measures announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday afternoon while addressing the nation on the status of covid, left many people worried, others are sad and some happy. 

But mostly from the comments, people were not happy. Especially those who have anything to do with entertainment.

This came after the country reported an increase in cases of people infected by the disease. There has also been an increase of positive cases for COVID-19 in the last few weeks in the country.

Pierra Makena had to come up with means of making money from the first time the curfew was put in place. As a DJ, most of her gigs were club-related and with the curfew, that job is cut short. So with or without a curfew, one has to be creative on means of making money if you're not employed.


Taking to social media after Uhuru's address, she pleaded with him to help bring back her weekly event, Park and Chill.

"Dear Mr. President.

It's a sad day for me as an entertainer in this country. This COVID-19 is taking a toll on us. We were denied anything that could make us earn a genuine living.. but we didn't give up coz we believe it's for our good. We have now learned a new way to fit in the new normal! As creatives, we have come up with ideas.. Park and chill is an okay event, Mr. President. We keep social distancing whilst in our cars.. just like restaurants we close at.8:15 pm we have observed all the COVID-19 guidelines given to us. Why cancel us? I know I can never reach you face to face but somehow this might get to you. I deeply believe there is a misinterpretation of your speech. Please help!! 🙏." She took to social media.

Pierra then apologized to her PAC fans for the cancellation of the event saying that she has really tried to save the event.

"PAC FAMILY! WE LIVE ANOTHER DAY! I'm sorry but we still remain canceled until further notice. I appreciate all the calls and concerns but I have tried my best...😥😰 I know there will be a way. Be patient with me.LIWE LIWALO!!!!!!"

This has been the cry of many entertainers and because the cases are increasing and according to Dr. Reign we are now in the third wave, a lot has to change. We have to get used to the new normal. Looks for new ways to make money with or without the curfew.