The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas has the two of them so angry at the situation the country is facing.

As this week started, we were surprised that fuel prices have been hiked yet again and that got so many people upset. From private car owners to PSV owners and even public transport drivers. That basically means life will be tough all around.

Speaking to their loyal fans, Jalango said,


"We woke up to learn that petrol lands at 49 bob and we pay 122 bob per liter. Can you imagine almost 80 bob on taxes and levy? We do not have a problem paying taxes, you understand? But on taxes, we do not understand it does not make any sense."

A shocked Kamene said,

"We spend more money on the tax than the commodity."

Jalango got upset just putting into perspective what it means as a Kenyan just paying outrageous taxes left right and center.

"What nonsense, Mr. President? What nonsense is this Mr. President! No, I have said, what nonsense is this?"

The reality is, so many political activities can only be paid with our tax money. This includes the likes of the famous BBI.

"How do you think your BBI is going to be paid for? You guys asked for an expressway, mumepatiwa..." Kamene said


Still angered by the new fuel prices, Jalango shouted saying.

"Kwani ni mafuta pekee yake ilikuwa ilipe BBI? We can't be living like this Mr. President. All these levies are total nonsense!"