Tanasha Donna has been through so much. We can actually call it hell and back.

From the relationship to the many warnings and hate from followers to in-law drama to a very public break up, all the way to having a deadbeat baby daddy. All this happening in public but at least things have settled down now.

After all that she lost Jamal Gaddafi as part of her management like so much going on. And with all this, there were trolls and hate speech all over social media. Must have been tough.


Other than developing a thick skin through it all, Tanasha has had to learn a lot and correct and implement a lot of those lessons. Taking to social media, she posted 4 major life lessons that she was forced to learn.

"Major lessons:

1. Stop making time for people who don’t deserve a second of it. Can’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump a puddle for you.

2. Outgrow the idea of helping people who are not the least bit concerned about your physical or mental well being.

3. Time to LET GO of what no longer deserves your way too precious energy.

4. BE HAPPY ALWAYS! 😁 You deserve it." Tanashsa shared

I am sure you can use one or two or all of them actually.