Ezekiel Mutua is really going after Eric Omondi and his craft. Just after the war on Wife Material season two, the show he does with Betty Kyallo was also on the spot.

They started a quiz show that airs on KTN every Sunday which airs from 8 pm to 9 pm. What we call watershed hours. But there were concerns raised and of course, the screen moral police had to do something.

“Following the avalanche of complaints about this poster and possibility of a Show rated 18+ airing at 8 pm (within the watershed period), the Board raised the matter with Standard Group Management and it has been clarified as follows:

1. The 18+ refers to the age of the participants, not the nature of the content. This is a live show on KTN Home and we have assurance from the MD Joe Munene that no adult or explicit content will be permitted.

2. The poster with 18+ communicates the wrong message and will be pulled down immediately.

3. The content will fully comply with the stipulations of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 as well as the Kenya Information and Communications Act (KICA) and the Programming Code.

We thank the members of the public who brought these concerns to the Board and the Standard Group Management for their swift action” Read Mutua’s statement on Twitter.

Since Eric is already in the frying pan he wouldn't want to get into the fire and so he maintained his silence on that matter but after celebrating her birthday, Betty Kyallo assured her fans the show must go on.

"13 Millionaires in 13 weeks! I’m so excited as I embark on my new show! Nobody can stop reggae 💯 see you on Sunday 🙌🏽 @thebigquizshowke ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REGISTER SO YOU CAN HAVE A CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE ON SUNDAY. Details kesho 😉 @ericomondi." Betty posted