jalas and kamene
jalas and kamene

Today's babe talk by Kamene was as deep as conversations can get.

Kamene says is saddened by stories she is hearing about women who are deliberately out there breaking men just because deep down they are broken.

Menje says, women have made it their mission to bring men down, the same men who will end up being their husbands, father to their kids in some point.

"Every time I hear stories about broken men broken by broken women, I want to challenge us not to be broken women. Money is no longer a man's biggest stresser it is the things some of us are doing to these men." Kamene said.

She added,

Babe let us not break these men, these are the same men that will be our husbands, fathers to our children at some point and same men that we will co-exist with.

To support his colleague's plea, Jalang'o focused on women who love breaking the same men whom they gave hopes that indeed their hearts belong with them.

Jalang'o mentioned the issue of the failed proposal videos which have been on the rise of late, urging women to respect men and let them know their intentions from the word go

."A man is not a fool to go on his knee and propose to you, this is someone whom you have given all these indications that this is where you want to be kumbe your heart has never been there." Jalang'o said.