Magufuliand Harmonize
Magufuliand Harmonize

We all have a different way of dealing with grief and loss but Kenyans and no one should question how one chooses to deal with their loss.

That said, Tanzanian music heavyweight Harmonize, has come under criticism from Kenyans after a clip of him crying following Magufuli's death went viral.

The video shows Harmonize recording himself as he cries uncontrollably.

Harmonize and Magufuli had a close relationship as he would perform from time to time during the fallen head of state's rigorous campaign back in 2020.

Many who have watched the clip question how 'emotional' he was yet he had the strength to record himself crying.


Check out some of the reactions the video elicited;

Chokuu: Some people are good at turning other people deaths to be about them......

Shaffie Weru: Stage crying is also a new talent

Rebmann: So he is so emotional that he had strength to record himself mourning,ok  Let me b thinned by mine but this celebrities need to get a life

Lukale: Sasa unalia ukiji record???

Kalunde: It's sad but where do people get the strength to remember their camera's when serious mourning 

Karosh: uyu anatuenjoy analia kwa giza aje sasa

Becky Mbaka: Harmonize watu wanaomboleza na wenatafuta Kiki kwa kujirecorde ukilia

Muraya sam: May he RIP. such a strong man to record himself crying

Beedz: He recorded himself crying