kamene looking great in a dress
kamene looking great in a dress

At what moment do you know or can really tell that this lady is not leaving the house?

I mean the ladies know how to mark their territories in this day and age and gone are the days when they used to leave their inner wears at your house.

According to Jalang'o, the game has changed and these days they are either cooking chapati in your house or sending your mom gifts.

"The day your girlfriend cooks chapati in your house, she is your wife. Just know she won’t leave," Jalang'o said.

He added,

Baby there are women who are wicked in this town, she comes day one takes your t-shirt, kumbe she didn't have anything to change and leaves clothes in your house.

The next time she comes she comes with ore clothes ndio awache, the day atawacha kitenge kwako it's over.

He went on to tell women that in this time and age, you cannot mark territories with a toothbrush and that there are women who mark territories with fridges, seats and TVs.

Below are some of the pointers that both Kamene and Jalang'o agreed that these are the signs she is not in a hurry to leave your house.

-If a woman starts befriending your mother from a distance eg starts sending her vitenge.

-When a woman starts visiting your mother without your presence.

-If a woman ever leaves your house to church and back that is wife material

-Siku atatoe weave mbele yako

-When he wakes up, wears shorts and vests and starts chilling around the house you know he is not going anywhere.

-When he asks for WI-FI password, asks what you want to have for  breakfast

-If she looks for you an hour two before curfew