Someone joked that the month of March went from 1st and 2nd to date 16 in two days and I totally agree.

This year, the month of March is totally different and despite the Covid-19 pandemic still here, things are a little bit flexible compared to 2020.

This weekend marks the second last weekend of the month and normally we expect people to be broke but wapi? Sherehe imepangwa even with Easter around the corner.

A while back DJ Pierra Makena took to social media to complain that scammers had stolen her 'Park N chill' idea and planned on implementing it in Eldoret.

However, she managed to solve the issues and her event is back and running this weekend.

Taking to her socials, Makena wrote;

THIS RIGHT HERE IS HAPPINESS!! FAM! PARK AND CHILL IS BACK!!It was a misunderstanding and it all got sorted... i can't express my joy for all the support i got and just to mention the chance to express myself.

From Makena's park n chill to Samidoh's mugithi, below are some of the events planned for the weekend.

1. Park n Chill

2. Samidoh

3. Tanasha Donna at The Tunnel

4. Mejja on Mombasa road

5. Pool party with DJ Kym NickDee