Jalas and Kamene
Jalas and Kamene

If you have been keen on social media, you might have stumbled upon  the story of  one Velvine Nungari who was allegedly drugged, raped and left for dead.

Due to severe injuries, Velvine who was rushed to the hospital by her friends died in hospital and was buried on Wednesday 17th March 2021.

Her family, friends and people touched by the gruesome story have united and calling for justice to be served with the person alleged to be behind the atrocity already identified.

Commenting on the issue, Kamene and Jalas were saddened by the story and called upon the authorities to play their part and give her the justice she deserved.

They also went ahead to advise women to always be careful of the people they are engaging with.

They went ahead to give them a few tips on how to protect themselves especially when they are meeting up with strangers.

"Let that guy be brought to book and let's have justice for Vesh, also to the ladies please please, you never know who you are to meet. If you are meeting a stranger for the first time don't drink, don't meet them in a secluded place.

Thirdly you have money to take you home and you are close to home where everyone knows that is so and so." Said Jalang'o.

Among the celebrities who have united in calling for the culprit to be arrested and justice to be served include; Chito Ndhlovu,  Annitah Raey, Nadia Mukami and Mammito.