2020 was a year that we all had to adjust to so much. Let go of a few things and gain others.

Acebergtm did not let COVID-19 stop him from living his dream. He used all that free time we all had to finally drop a song.

The Lagos-born star debuted in the music industry last year following the release of his first single 'Heartbreak'. The single has garnered over 7 million streams across all digital platforms and 764,000views on YouTube.


More to this, he decided to go further and worked on a whole EP. 'The Far From Home' that consists of 6 tracks and showcases his unique talent of fusing different genres.

Speaking about his love for music, Acebergtm says it is more than a career. It is something he will forever be grateful for.

"Growing up as a kid, music turned out to be my only escape from peer pressure and other vices which kids my age were involved in such as smoking and street fighting; I got a strong sense of peace and satisfaction every time I heard my favorite songs growing up. My interest grew even more as I got older, I wanted to write, sing, rap, perform just like my favorite artists on TV" He told Kiss100

Acebergtm promises to make the best out of his Kenyan tour after he drops his EP. Ladies buckle up, with that amazing voice I am sure he is about to come serenade a couple of you.