Pierra Makena had such a crazy week. But as they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

After pleading with the President to be lenient in the laws he is passing in regards to curbing the spreading of coronavirus, she woke up to learn people are riding on her idea to come up with events, even as far as Eldoret.

Pierra came up with the name and the idea of the event to help her make some  money during these tough times. Her job was majorly at night and since we have a curfew, creativity needed to be implemented.

I do not know who she spoke to or if the message to Mr. President below got to him, but reports have it that she had a successful event over the weekend.

Taking to social media, Pierra prepared her fans before the 'Park N Chill' event with a few house rules saying,

"Heeey! Thanks for your concern and any kind of help offered to have park and chill back!🙏🙏 we are on tomorrow! At the carnivore... please don't forget to mask up and have your sanitizer too.. let's have fun and enjoy but at the same time keep safe. MADD LOVE!!! SEE YOU KESHO INSHALLAH."

From the pictures she shared of the day, the rules were applied and the event was successful. 

"Without you, Saturday would have been just a regular day in the calendar. Thank you so much for coming." Pierra Makena thanked her fans