lorna irungu
lorna irungu

On Monday, former TV host Lorna Irungu succumbed to Covid-19 sending the nation into a somber mood, given the impact she left everywhere she went.

Lorna is remembered as the OMO Pick a Box host. 

Before her death, Lorna was the Managing Director of a PR company, Gina Din Group.

Lorna has been a Lupus survivor for over 20 years and had undergone several kidney transplants. 

Soon after her death, celebrities and people who were close to her took to social media to mourn a fallen hero.

One of them include Jalang'o who remembered her for trusting him with the MC job during president Obama's visit to the country.

Posting a photo of the two together back then when they sealed the deal, Jalang'o wrote; 

Covid...Enough!! Enough!! 😭😭😭...Rest in Peace @kuisan ....Lorna Irungu!This was our meeting when you Trusted me with Mceeing president Obama event!