Over 25 took over the content creation space and are really thriving in it. I mean their content is so relatable and very interesting.

Sadly one of their members, Lorna Muchemi who is now engaged to Dee Spicable tested positive for the VID (as Kevin Hart calls it) but she is fairing well.

"I miss the gym. This is actually one of the last pics I took there. I was taking selfies while people were working out 😆The reason why I haven’t posted much about #leanin90KE and just my life, in general, is because I tested positive for Coronavirus. I’ve been so exhausted! Don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life.

Dee however tested negative and has been taking care of me. I’ve been taking my supplements, doing home workouts & we’ve been taking long romantic walks when I can and I’m definitely feeling much better." Lorna shared

Adding that her symptoms are not as serious and that she is grateful for.

"I’m grateful that my symptoms haven’t been too extreme and I haven’t had to go to the hospital. Waiting for my taste, smell and energy to come back so BRB! Keep tagging me in your workouts please, I’m very jealous but I’m also so happy that you guys are still at it." 

An appeal to her fans during this third wave was simple,

"Urging everyone to be careful. This virus isn’t a joke. People are dying. Stay vigilant, wear your mask, stay away from people and wash/sanitize."