Everyone's anticipating and talking about the brand new car that Kiss 100 is giving away to Kenyans and for a good reason. 

Just a few more days to the d-day or should we call it key-day. With that said, here is how you can register to win it. 2021 we said we are levelling up and Kiss 100 wants to help you to that. Zero mileage car fam.

How to win the brand new car and #KissMyRide

First, simply register on the Kiss 100 website (https://kiss100.co.ke/kissmyride/ ) and leave your correct details. Sit back and make sure you're tuned in to Kiss 100 every day to listen if your name will be called out on air.

Everyday 9am, 2pm and 5pm, there will be a draw. If you have successfully registered and your name is called out on air, you have exactly 15 minutes to call and claim your entry. That entry will be a key which gives you a chance to win the car.

On the day of the grand draw, you will be invited to try whether your key opens the car. If your key opens the car, you'll be the lucky winner who walks away with a brand new, zero mileage car.

Remember, register now and tune in to Kiss 100 every day to listen if your name will be called. You don't want your name mentioned and you didn't hear it.

Here is what you will be winning. Mali safi: