Real househelps of Kawangware actress Njambi and her baby daddy

The Real House helps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba has opened up about how her past relationship has affected her current one, due to things her ex-boyfriend put her through.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni the mother of two revealed that her ex used to beat her and cheat on her, a baggage that she says she has carried with her and is affecting her to date.

She says at times she forgets and starts accusing her boyfriend of wanting to beat her just like her ex used to.

"It is a bit challenging especially when you carry the baggage from a previous relationship  to this person who is very nice." Said the 29-year-old.

She added,

Kitu ikifanyika tu kidogo unamwambia, "Unataka kufanya kama nani unataka ku behave kama nani all the time. Sometimes I forget and tell him such stuff because I have so much baggage, infidelity and what not.

So every time there is an argument I ask him 'unataka kunipiga?'

Njambi says her boyfriend is always relaxed and every time she overreacts, he tries to calm her down.

When we spoke to Njambi a few months ago, she revealed that she has a respectable relationship with her baby daddy and that he respects her boundaries, even as the two try to make co-parenting work.

So far so good we respect each other’s boundaries anajua penye atafika na penye mimi nitafika, anajua ako na mtoi mwenye anafaa kushughulikia, so kuna boundaries na the only time tutapigiana simu ni time anataka hii ama ile ya mtoi," Said Njambi.