I am about to surprise you. The teeth you see on Bien's mouth are not his real teeth.

In their weekly reality show, Sol Family Sauti Sol narrated the day Bien and his sister were involved in an accident in town.

"I was all the way in Nakuru and I heard Bien has been in an accident. I get there and I am like what the hell?" Savara narrated

Bien went ahead to explain the way he lost his teeth and got his knees knocked.

"I was with my sister we were crossing the road in town then a car driving on the wrong side. The car came and crushed my knees and my face hit the windscreen."

"He literally lost all his teeth." Chimano added

Bien jokingly said his teeth are international

"That is why I have teeth from Germany. The Mercedes Benz of teeth." 

Savara then mentioned that their plan was to go abroad. He was going to study medicine and Bien was going to the US while Chimano's dream was to live in Paris.

"That stopped Bien from going to the embassy and I was denied papers to go to the states. So we stayed." Savara said

According to Chimano Bien's accident probably brought them together. 


Chiki's man believes the accident was a blessing in disguise.

"When I look at it, it was a good moment. I got better teeth because the ones I had were bad na zilikua zinachoma but look at me now."

Manz now has a clean smile. But we would really love to see his teeth before he got the German ones, because from Chimano's reaction, they were bad.