Patricia Kihoro is back into the acting world and this time she plays Tina in the famous show, Crime and Justice.

Her character is of a woman who is stuck in an abusive marriage to a high-ranking detective, Peter, played by Alusa. She is a mother of two who’s never without a bruise on her body caught between wanting to protect her young children and staying together as a family.

 It’s a topical and tragic episode that examines how complacent society has become to domestic violence.

“Getting into this role meant shedding a lot of myself and tapping into an experience that I know is real for countless women, not only in Kenya but around the world. That it is commonplace for women to be trapped in such marriages is gut-wrenching.” She told Kiss 100

Kihoro reveals that on some days, it was difficult to shed off Tina when she went home.

“ off the set. Physically, I chose to stop grooming myself for a while because Tina herself didn’t have time to – my nails were chipped, and my hair wasn’t styled. Mentally, I would sometimes tap into my insecurities so as to strip Tina of any confidence.”

For Alusa who plays Tina’s violent husband Peter, it was difficult to step into a role that required him to expose kids to such violence, being a father himself.

“I have a lot of compassion for kids. I believe in keeping adult problems between adults and not exposing children to the trauma that comes with such conflicts.”

He hopes that this episode addresses domestic violence and abuse with the urgency it deserves – that one doesn’t have to wait until it’s too late to walk out of such spaces.