Since he re-joined Kiss Fm, Jalang'o's mantra has always been about being there for his people.

He never tires of reiterating the importance of being that one person someone somewhere relies and counts on.

This morning, his wake up call was no different.

Let your friends never struggle to look for people to celebrate and appreciate them.

If you are somebody's friend, tell them you love them, appreciate them be their number one supporter, be the people who they get their energy from.

Be the person that your friend looks up to and even when they are low they smile because they have you in their corner.

Jalang'o advised the listeners to practice 'Ubuntu' the spirit of being together.

His urge is that to always be the first customer for their friends, never let them struggle with anything and most importantly if they don't have anyone let them have you.

Be there for your people be the person that people can count on." 

Check out the video below;