The sad story of the death of Velvine Nungari on March 9 after allegedly being raped has been trending.

According to the reports, she died at the Kenyatta University Referral hospital where she was receiving treatment for a broken spine and sexual assault.

This has made so many Kenyan angry and through social media, the fight against rape is what we are posting. For Vesh to get justice and others who have gone through the same.

Celebrities have come out to show their support for the hashtag and Dr.Ofweneke has made it very clear that men need to normalize accepting rejection.


”Men we need to start learning how to take/face rejection, if a lady says no it’s ok, it’s never that serious. There is still another lady out there fit for you. Let’s bring up our boys knowing that a no is not the end of life #saynotorape.” He took to social media

We all need to come together and help stop sexual harassment. No really does mean no.