Jalang'o meets the new ride #KissMyRide
Jalang'o meets the new ride #KissMyRide
Image: Kiss 100 Kenya

For the first time on air, Jalang'o has talked about how he learnt that he was going to be a dad.

The veteran presenter is known for keeping his private life under wraps  and very few people know about his beautiful family.

Jalang'o and his ex, well known as Chep have a daughter together, but how did she really break the news to him?

"I remember when my wife got pregnant, you know I am talking about my ex the most beautiful woman, Chep. She told me 'babe these things are late' and when she went for a test she texted me 'Babe confirmed, baby is on the way.' That statement changed everything." Said Jalang'o.

The revelation sparked a very interesting discussion as male listeners revealed various interesting ways which women use to break their pregnancy news .

"Huyu sis alikuja tu hakutaka kusema direct. Aliandika letter akaweka kwa letter akisema "I am pregnant." Said one male caller.

The funniest one has to be from the second caller who said;

Tulikuwa tu tuna chill kwa kitanda nikaskia dem amenishow "Wewe utaumiza mtoto." So nashindwa mtoto mgani? Ilibidi tumeketi chini tumebonga.

One Pokot Moja wrote; She just cooked ugali meat stew and ate it all by herself. Kufika kwa nyumba namwambia babe where's my food? She responded by "tumekula tukamaliza" I was in tears of joy

Chiluba: Vile alikuja kwangu na suitcase, .. that was self explanatory..

Tim Kale: She was like,.... Babe sijanyesha for 2 months, nguvu ya magoti iliisha.