John Pombe Magufuli was not only Diamond Platnumz' President, he was also his friend, his father figure and adviser.

So the death of the Tanzanian President was a hard pill to swallow for him and many others. Including Harmonize.

The singer who was one of the favorite artistes of the former Tanzanian President, said one of the last conversations he had with him was being asked to get married.


"He used to call me and we’d talk for like 40 minutes. 40 minutes for a president is a long time. The last time, he called me about 4pm to wish me all the best in my show. It is sad to me because when I spoke to  him, he’d encourage me to work hard .He told me I now have to get married and stop playing. We would laugh." Diamond said

He added that he had to cancel the shooting of a music video when he got the news of the passing of Magufuli.

"It was at midnight, I was shaving my hair to go shoot a music video with Mbosso. I felt numb. All my strength over. Iwas confused. We had to cancel the video. Why would we go on with the shooting of the video? To celebrate what?"

John Pombe Magufuli died 17th March and will be buried today at his home in Chato.