Jalas and Kamene at trademark hotel
Jalas and Kamene at trademark hotel

Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has recommended the imposition of stringent Covid-19 protocols for at least three weeks as an urgent intervention to curb the escalating spread of Covid-19.

CEO Carole Kariuki says the measures should include reviewing the countrywide curfew to start at 9pm, limit the number of people attending funerals to below 15 and restrict all social gatherings including ceremonies to mark Idd and Easter.

With reports that president Uhuru Kenyatta might address the nation today, Kamene and Jalang'o wonder whether another lockdown will help.

"Apparently there is a looming lockdown in Kenya. Whether or not it will help, I think the government needs to come to a decision." Jalang'o said.

He added,

Stop talking 'cause things are bad, hapo mbele hata sijui how things will be. People will be drinking under the beds, people drinking from the thermos.

The last lockdown, there were killings all over as well. But I remember also people got to a point where they were ready to die but go and look for food.

Using the hospitality industry as an example, Kamene and Jalas went on to highlight the number of people that would be affected by another lockdown.

They include; The Taxi guy, the guy booking you in at the hotel's reception, hotel manager, bar attendants and many others.

With no one knowing what lies ahead we can only hope for the best.