Kamene and Jalas hotel
Kamene and Jalas hotel

Jalang'o says he is lucky that his baby mama, media personality, Cheptoek Boyo respects his wife, Amina Chao.

The two have a daughter together and have had a cordial co-parenting relationship.

"My baby mama respects my wife and she knows our relationship is solely based on our kid. As a man, do everything possible which you guys have agreed so she has no reason to call you all the time." Jalang'o said.

The breakfast show host was tackling the baby mama dramas out here and believes some just refuse to move on.

But then there are baby mama's out there who think we are in a relationship. We are not and you should start moving on. People should realize we have a baby but we weren't meant to be together, we tried and it didn't work.

He says that as a man, it is your duty to protect your woman from your baby mama.

But how are you supposed to ensure you have a drama free relationship with your baby mama?

The drama depends on why and how you two broke up but as a man you should protect your woman from your baby mama. By not visiting and minimizing calls with her. Sort out medical insurance, school fees and everything and you will be OK.