Amber Ray made a couple of people mad after she put up a post claiming that if you're a dark skin person, you have no money. Being light skin is a representation of money.

First of all, what kind of stereotype is that in 2021? 

So yesterday, she decided to hop on to Instagram asking her fans what they've heard about her that they need clarification on.


"Ni story gani umeskia kunihusu ungetaka ku confirm?"  Amber Ray asked

One fan asked her based on the comment she made a few days ago.

"Eti unajudge black skin..."

Answering to this, Amber Ray said that people interpret a statement the way they want to and not what was said. As we learn in school, communication is how you perceive a statement.


"How now? If you follow me keenly, you will notice that I have nothing but love in my heart and I'm never judgmental, ata ukue blue or pink as long as your vibe is positive ,then I'm cool.... but sometimes you have to understand that people want to see what they want to see and there is nothing we can do about it." Amber Ray said