Before yesterday, we were not so sure if Vera Sidika was pregnant, due to rumors, but oops, it turns out it will not be this year just yet.

Okay maybe, she has a few days left to get pregnant to be able to give birth this year. Past April, it will be a 2022 baby.

Anyway, Vera Sidika was on Wednesday asked why she doesn't have a baby yet. She has been in serious relationships and now she's married.


”People have this narrative that I am a bad b*tch and should be having like 10 kids with different baby daddies by now. Let me tell you a secret; bad girls are the most careful ones.

I can’t just go around having babies with everyone. I’ve never gotten pregnant coz I always prevent it. But the day I do, it’s cause I am ready at that time and want it…" Vera Sidika answered

She went live yesterday for a short time to show off her belly. It is still flat. Okay, a bit of some COVID-19 weight because it's the new normal.

Since she was not live for long, she took to Instagram saying,


"When they say stay at home this what they mean: keep feeding & grow so fat that people will assume you’re pregnant 😂 I’m not pregnant sweethearts. The day I’ll be, I’ll be the first one to announce. I’ll post pics everyday y’all will get tired of me 😂😂😂Happy marriage weight caught up with me. Haven’t taken veetox in months 😪 starting again this week @veetoxdetox 🥰I’ll be Going on IG live in 5 mins."

Now you are all in the know.