Wahu and daughter Tumiso
Wahu and daughter Tumiso
Image: Instagram

Wahu Kagwi is a proud mother after her daughter made a cameo on TV in an interview with her husband, Nameless.

In an Instagram post, an excited Wahu said that she was proud of her daughter who was part of a panel discussing how to raise teenagers on Citizen TV.

“So proud of my baby girl @tumi.mathenge on her 1st interview!! She was with @namelesskenya on a panel this morning on @citizentvkenya Day Break discussing Raising Teens. Her last point was quite hilarious.. she said parents who are over strict may raise the sneakiest kids because they learn how to lie to survive 😅. " Wahu shared

For Tumi, she was all about trust between her and her parent, just like she has with her parents.

“Parents are human beings and they sometimes get it wrong but we need to trust them. Parents are there to guide their children to keep them safe,” said Tumiso.

Nameless was super proud of his daughter and he supported her statement.


“I realized at some point if we don’t let our children be open with us, they tend to fear us hence they find someone else to talk to.” Said Nameless.

Wahu then asked her follower about the relationship they have with their parents.

"What was your experience growing up? Did you have a good relationship with your parents? Talk about stuff? Ama it was their way or the highway? How did that affect you ? And if you're a parent , how do you rate yourself...are you over-strict or do you have an open relationship with your kids? #tujulishane" She asked