Gilad has finally been given the go ahead to leave the house after being in quarantine for two weeks after he tested positive for covid-19.

According to Gilad, he now has no symptoms related to the virus and has been allowed to leave the house.

Sharing the good news via his social media platform, Gilad penned,


"Today is my fourth day without any symptoms, 14 days after testing positive for #covi̇d19. The doctor has given me a green light to leave the house & end my #quarantine this virus is aggressive friends & merciless and the fact that I am here writing this post makes me one of the lucky ones. I urge everyone to follow the rules keep your distance & wear your mask and maybe together we can get through this 😷

Tonight is the eve of the Jewish Passover a holiday symbolizing freedom 🙌🏽 I am thankful for my freedom & for life a huge thank you for all the love & support you sent my way i am humbled & grateful  #happypassover 🧿 #maishamarefu"

Gilad broke the news to his fans saying he had been feeling weak with some aches and a fever then he decided to get tested and it turned out positive.

He is sharing his story and the progress so that people can take things seriously and adhere to all the guidelines set by MOH to help stop the spread of coronavirus.