Homeboyz Radio and its parent company, Radio Africa, have terminated the service of Shaffie Weru, Joseph Munoru (DJ Mfalme) and Neville Muysa with immediate effect. 

The termination follows a comprehensive review of the comments made on the station on Thursday morning and their subsequent suspension from employment.

The Media Council of Kenya subsequently has responded to the termination this morning commending Homeboyz for taking responsibility.


"The Media Council of Kenya is cognizant of broadcast content aired on radio on 26th March 2021, on unfavorable utterances about an unfortunate incident involving Ms. Eunice Wangare, who was allegedly thrown off the 12th floor of a building. The matter was flagged out by the Council while carrying out its regular Media Monitoring function.

In line with the enforcement process, the MCK issued a notice demanding retraction and apology for violation of clauses 21,23 and 24 of the journalism code of conduct, that speak to use of pictures and names, acts of violence and editor’s responsibility.

The management of Homeboyz Radio released an apology during its subsequent radio shows, via their social media platforms and has finally terminated the services of the individuals involved. The Council takes note of the action taken by the management of the radio station, against the individuals and commends them for taking responsibility as a sign of commitment, to uphold ethical standards in their programming.

Consequently, the Council will be keen on following up on such matters to enforce compliance as per the Media Council Act 2013." The statement form MCK read

This was released after Homeboyz terminated the services of Shaffie, Mfalme and Neville.