Homeboyz Radio and its parent company, Radio Africa, have terminated the service of Shaffie Weru, Joseph Munoru (DJ Mfalme) and Neville Muysa with immediate effect. 

The termination follows a comprehensive review of the comments made on the station on Thursday morning and their subsequent suspension from employment.

"Our partners and listeners will not be surprised by this action to terminate their services as it is the right thing to do. The comments of said erstwhile employees were neither authorized, approved nor cleared with the company nor was the subject discussed and or authorized by the company’s senior leadership. We are deeply disappointed in their conduct."Homeboyz Radio General Manager Somoina Kimonjino said in a statement on Saturday evening.

On Friday, the three were suspended for two weeks in relation to comments they made that appeared to victim shame and justify sexual assault against women.



Kimonjino said that investigations had determined that their conduct constitutes gross misconduct and an egregious breach of the company’s editorial policies.

"The company and its subsidiaries do not condone gender-based violence or any form of physical, verbal and emotional abuse nor does it subscribe to the view shared by the three employees," she said.

She assured all Homeboyz Radio partners and listeners across the country that the station was committed to ensuring that presenters and producers are regularly trained on media and gender issues, the ethics of reporting on issues of gender-based violence and sexual assault, inclusivity and diversity.

She thanked Kenya for demanding more of the media industry at large.

"While we continue to provide great news, information and entertainment we will endeavor to do it with good taste and decency. We shall endeavor to do our part to change any and all harmful narratives surrounding gender issues," Kimonjino said.