Akothee is out here to shut rumors after a blogger by the name Collerta went claiming she is HIV positive.

As we know madam boss does not like nonsense, so she had to make sure all of you, lovers or haters are aware of her current status.

The results above were later pulled down from her page and she said the reason why she had made it public was so that people who felt entitled to know, can do what they want with the information.

Akothee HIV test results
Akothee HIV test results
Image: Akothee Instagram

"YES I AM PROVING A POINT, SO DON’T TELL ME NOT TO PROVE, CHIETH. For those interested in my HIV Status, what you do with this information is up to you . Sipendi ujinga yenu.

Hiyo HIV ikija kunipata siku moja, juwa nimeletewa nyumbani, ama vile ilivyo pangwa na Mungu ,sijui , lakini kwa sasa habari ndio hiyo saa hii tulia. I have a full medical check up every year  Mimi huwezi nipangia Maisha na bundles .

You can check with my hospital @The_ karen_ hospital Where I was admitted in 2019 and most people said I am into drugs Ooh Last stages of Aids And all kinds of rubbish.

The first time I saw ARVs are with Pheny Awiti , I used to fear H.I.V Like crazy, until I met Phenny, she changed my perception. Sa hii naishi tuu ,ikinipata pia nitawwambiwa. Kwa sasa bado sina Ama nianze kumeza tuu ARVS SAA HI ?" Akothee captioned the results

After posting her results, she went ahead to share why she finally understands the reason celebrities fear posting personal medical status, especially on HIV/AIDS on social media. Out of a rumor she got so much hate and trolling.

"I have been wondering why public figures who are HIV positive can't come out clean and embrace the compaighn against Stigma / HIV/ AIDS🤔THEY prefer to play safe and protect themselves other than giving out their lives to ungrateful people." She posted

If this is the case, then as Kenyans we have a long way to go in such situations. It is 2021 guys, stigmatization should not be a word that exists.